Meet the people behind Crest's rich history, strong present and promising future.

Nick Harroz



Nick Harroz, Jr. was born in 1921 in Wichita Falls, Texas. In 1929 his family moved to Oklahoma City, and his father opened the family's first grocery store, Fairview Grocery, at Southwest 29th and Agnew. Nick's dad taught him to "Stack it High and Sell it Cheap!"

After graduating from Capitol Hill High School, Nick joined the U.S. Navy Air Corps where he was commissioned as an officer and trained fighter pilots. Following the end of the WWI,I he returned to Oklahoma where he opened his first grocery store, Nick's Brett Drive Grocery in Midwest City. Not long after starting the business, he married his beloved wife Cherry who would remain his partner in every sense of the word for more than 60 years.

Bruce Harroz



Bruce Harroz, a 3rd generation grocer, began his grocery career at age 8.  He started by accompanying his grandfather to pick out produce for the 29th Street Store, Nick’s Thrifty Wise, and then helped by sweeping floors and stocking shelves. Bruce was 13 years old when the first Crest Foods opened on Reno in Midwest City where he worked as a cashier and sacker.  After college, Bruce returned to his father’s store and began learning all aspects of the grocery business. A key area of focus was learning to buy direct in order to offer groceries at the lowest possible prices. Bruce and his father, Nick Harroz, decided to grow the business and by 2002, had added a second location in Midwest City, a third location in Edmond and a fourth location in Moore.

Since Bruce Harroz has taken over the leadership of the company, he has continued to follow his father’s teachings of belief in hard work, discount prices, clean stores and fast and friendly customer service which has resulted in even more growth and strategic development for Crest Foods and now Crest Fresh Market. 

Currently, there are eight of the Crest Foods family-owned and operated stores in the Oklahoma City Metro area.

Kevin Ergenbright


Vice President

Kevin Ergenbright’s first job at the age of 16 was at the first Crest Foods store on Reno Ave. in Midwest City. He started out working part time sacking groceries while still attending high school. The first thing Kevin learned about the grocery business from Nick was to give the customer the “Best Service in Town”.

For the next two years, Kevin worked throughout the store sacking, stocking, cashiering and many other jobs. After graduating high school in 1978, Kevin decided to make a career in the grocery business and there was no better place to do that than at Crest.

Working under the direction of Nick and Bruce, Kevin continued to learn all areas of the business and most importantly the principles Crest Foods was founded on.

As Crest continues to grow, Kevin continues to play an integral role in the operation of the company.