Our Services


When you shop at Crest, we get you in and out quickly. We offer the best service in town. From door greeter to grocery carryout, every visit to Crest will be filled with fast, friendly service. Below is a list of services that Crest offers its customers everyday.

  • Open All Day, Every Day - 24x7x365
  • Postage Stamps
  • W.I.C. Vouchers Accepted
  • Crest Gift Cards & Popular Retailer Gift Cards
  • Handicap Carts Available
  • Oklahoma Access Cards Accepted
  • Self Checkout
  • Front Door Greeter
  • Grocery Sacking and Carryout Service
  • Change Counting Machines
  • Drive-Thru Pharmacy (at select stores)
  • Parent/Child Parking (at select stores)


Fast, Friendly Service

Crest Store Maps

To make your shopping trip at Crest easier, each store has its own floor plan with aisle contents. To download, go to our Locations page and click on the store of your choice or you can click here to go directly to our Locations page.


Shopping List

Shopping List & Recipes

Print off this basic shopping list and take it with you the next time you walk into one of our stores.


Click here to find some tasty recipes.



Gift Cards

Crest Gift Card Vouchers

The perfect gift for a college kid or family member living near a Crest Fresh Market. Purchase your gift card vouchers here.



Kids Cars

Kids Cars

Shopping with the kiddos can sometimes be a challenge. Crest's Kid Cars make it easy and fun to take your kids with you down the aisles. Let your kids "test drive" one the next time you're out getting groceries.