Cooking Tips

Buying Ingredients

Ingredients for recipes can come from fresh, frozen, canned, dried or preserved sources. Crest has several departments that will have the perfect igredients you are looking for. When purchasing produce, be sure to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Our seasonal guide can help you make the best decision.


Time Savers

Time Savers

Your meals don't have to be entirely made from scratch. Buying a side of potato salad from our deli section or ordering a fresh loaf of bread from our bakery will make for a quick side addition to your next meal.


Beef & Steak

Beef & Steak

You don't have to thaw ground beef after it's been frozen. Simply add a little boiling water to your pan, and gently break up the meat while it thaws. Want an easier way to slice raw steak? Let it set in the freezer for 20 minutes. The meat should then be firm enough to cut with ease. Pick up a Certified Angus Beef® steak the next time you're in our store.


Fish Tips

Fish Cooking Tips

Did you know? You can find out what country your fish is from by checking the Country of Origins label in the display case or on the package itself.

Fish sticking to your grill? Put some foil underneath the fish before you begin cooking. You'll keep the fish from sticking and save yourself some clean up afterward. Stop by our seafood section in the meat department, pick up some fish and try it out.