Success Stories


Crest is a great place to start a career and grow your potential. Read a handful of stories from some of the most successful Crest employees.

Brian Antonelli

Brian Antonelli

Merchandiser Non-Food

I started at Crest as a sacker 1 week out of High School at Store 2 in Midwest City. I really wanted to move up so when there was an opening in the backroom, I jumped at the chance. After a while, Nick Harroz noticed me and remembered my name. So, whenever Crest was short-handed in other departments like the Front End, Dairy, etc. my name was called! When Store 3 in Edmond opened, Nick knew my name and called me in to become the Grocery Manager. Because he remembered my name and called me in to work in different departments, I was able to learn a lot about the grocery business. I loved my chats with Nick because I got to pick his brain on various things. Not many people got to see that side of him because he was all business. I feel so fortunate that I did.

I left Crest for a short period of time but decided to come back in 2007. I remember Bruce Harroz, Nick’s son, welcoming me back with open arms. I worked in HBA and then became an Ops Manager. When a position for Merchandiser in Non-Foods became available, I was offered that position and have been there ever since! I love being a merchandiser because I travel to all the stores and confer with store managers on how to better develop the Crest brand.

Brad Antonelli

Brad Antonelli

Merchandiser Grocery

I started at Crest as a sacker only two days after high school. So that means I started before my brother Brian did! My next job was also in the back room and then went to Frozen. After Store 3 in Edmond was built, I transferred there to become the Asst. Frozen Foods Manager. I too took a hiatus from Crest but came back in 2005 and was welcomed back. An opportunity became available for a Grocery Merchandiser. I wasn’t sure if this position would be right for me and after hearing what it would entail, I knew it was something I wanted to do.

The thing I love about working at Crest the most are the friendships I’ve made. We’ve all grown up together. I’ve become so attached, I’ve been in weddings and have made friends for life. I guess I can thank my mother for this. When we were younger, my brother Brian and I would go with her to grocery shop at Crest. She brought us because we had to push 2 big carts at the same time (we came from a big Italian family). Mom encouraged us to apply because she knew Crest was a growing company. Thanks, mom!

Paula Morgan

Paula Morgan

Assistant to Bruce Harroz

It’s hard to believe that I started working for Crest 27 years ago! I was living in California when my husband was transferred to serve in Korea. Before he left, the kids and I moved to Oklahoma to be close to family. My mom and step dad were already working at Crest for Nick and Cherry Harroz so I applied. I got a job being an Inventory Clerk and worked under Kevin Ergenbright (who is now Vice President of the company). My job entailed controlling inventory for our warehouse located directly behind our larger store on Douglas in Midwest City. I punched out orders, stockers would fill them and then I would enter the data into our system. I also did a pretty mean 10 key! Bruce Harroz’s secretary decided to retire in 1993 so I was asked if I wanted the job. After 5 years at my current job, I was ready to take on something new so I accepted and have been in this position ever since. In 1997, Store 3 in Edmond was opened, so Bruce and I made the move from Midwest City to the new store. Even though I am Bruce’s Administrative Assistant, Crest still relies on me to continue entering inventory and document store product transfers which I gladly do.

Wanting to take on even more challenges, I started heading up and planning the Crest Annual Golf Tournament as well as the Annual Profit Share Banquet. The golf tournament celebrates the relationships with our vendors over the years. I’m proud to say that the tournament has grown from about 100 to 350 entrants while also making sure a large portion of the proceeds are given to the Oklahoma Food Bank every year. The Profit Share Banquet has grown from 200 participants to 1,000 or more. It’s gotten so large we have to rent out a room at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

I love the people I worked with over the years. I remember how hilarious Uncle Ed Harroz was. Whenever you did something for him, he would always say “Thank you, I’ll dance at your wedding! I also remember how hard working the Harroz family was and still is. When I first started working at Crest I remembered seeing Nick and Bruce on the floor stocking, sacking or doing whatever it took to get the job done. That work ethic is still unchanged. If we’re busy or shorthanded, Bruce is the first to leave his office and start helping on the floor. That kind of work ethic rubs off on a person.

To say that actions speak louder than words is an understatement here at Crest. I feel because of the actions of the Harroz family over the years, we have built a relationship based on trust and respect. I feel like I’m working with family.

Dewayne Teater

Dewayne Teater

Backroom Receiver

I moved to Oklahoma City in June of 1980 and needed a job. My brother had just finished shopping at Crest and told me I should contact them in Midwest City and see if they’re hiring. I did just that and was hired as a stocker in grocery.

Shortly after my hire, another stocking position became open in Frozen and Dairy so I switched over to that department because it was busier and I could monitor fresh products such as milk, eggs, cheese, etc. It became a source of pride for me to make sure expiration dates on products in the cases were as fresh as they could be! I stayed in this department from 1980 to 1989 until a warehouse position in Frozen/Dairy opened up. I took this position so I could learn even more about the grocery business.

As Crest continued to grow, so did the Frozen/Dairy department, so it was decided to separate the two departments. I branched off into Frozen. I remember it was hard work, but I loved it. I condensed pallets, maintained and organized my workroom, kept freezers orderly so there was easy access to stock and worked between two freezer locations – one in the back of the building and one across the street. I stayed in this position from 1989 until just a few months before Store 7 (South May in OKC) opened in June of 2010. I received a phone call and was asked if I would come to work at Store 7 in the main Receiving Office. I accepted and have been there ever since.

One of my fondest memories at Crest was of Nick Harroz’s wife, Cherry Harroz. She never forgot who I was from when I worked at the Midwest City store. She always greeted me with a smile and I always looked forward to our conversations. Because she always greeted me with a smile, I found a way to return the favor by telling her a joke at the end of our conversations so she would leave with a smile. I loved that.

I have stayed at Crest for 35 years because I work with outstanding people every day like David, KJ and Gene. If I have any questions, they are more than willing to help me find a solution and get it resolved. I am blessed that Crest has allowed me to succeed as a person and the role they’ve played in making me the person I am today. I think back and wonder if my brother wasn’t shopping at Crest that day, I may not have ever applied!