Crest has had a strong, resilient history. After more than 70 years of business we still continue to offer you FRIENDLY, FULL CUSTOMER SERVICE from the front door greeter to our employee placing your groceries in your car!



In 1929 Crest founder Nick Harroz, Jr.'s father, Nicola Harroz, Sr., opened the family's first grocery store, Fairview Grocery, at Southwest 29th and Agnew. Nick's dad taught him to, "Stack it High and Sell it Cheap!"

Nick in the Military
After graduating from Capitol Hill High School, Nick joined the U.S. Navy Air Corps. He was commissioned as an officer and trained fighter pilots. Following the end of WWII, he returned to Oklahoma where he opened his first grocery store in Midwest City, Nick’s Brett Drive Grocery.

The Harroz Family
Not long after starting the business, Nick married his beloved wife, Cherry, who would remain his partner in every sense of the word for more than 60 years. Nick and Cherry both came from a deep-rooted Lebanese heritage that pushed them to rebuild their lives with the freedom they deserved. They worked side by side to grow their business and raise their children Gary, Bruce, and Sydney. Nick and Cherry were very proud that both of their sons decided to join them in the family business.

Grand Opening
Nick and Cherry expanded their family business in Midwest City. In 1964, they moved their operation to a new location in the Ridgecrest shopping center on Reno Ave. In order to save customers time, while writing checks, Nick shortened the name to Crest derived from the Ridgecrest shopping center. This shortened name brought a new image with a fresh start to their store. Crest has been providing customers with discount prices, clean stores, and friendly service ever since the beginning!

Gary Harroz - Life Long Vice President
In 1982, the Harroz family was struck by the tragic loss of their oldest son, Gary. His father considered selling the business, but to honor Gary's memory, they decided to work harder as a family and persevere. Gary brought so much life to the store and to those he encountered. His sudden passing was utterly devastating to the Harroz family and the Lebanese community, but they felt Gary's lively spirit in them to continue on. Much like his younger brother, he was dedicated to providing the best to their customers. He started working at the company as a young boy with his family and helped create the foundation of what Crest Foods has grown into today. 


Bruce Harroz - 3rd Generation Owner

In 1999, Nick and Cherry retired and passed on their company and legacy to their son, Bruce Harroz.  Since Bruce has taken over the leadership of the company, he has continued to follow his father’s teachings of belief in hard work, discount prices, clean stores, and fast friendly customer service. During Bruce's ownership, Crest Foods has expanded to 9 locations with the latest being in Yukon, upholding his promise for more stores with large varieties. No matter how much time has gone by, Bruce is just as active in the store today as he was as a young man. His love for the people of Oklahoma is notable within his daily efforts of stocking shelves, sacking groceries, and leading by example.